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18 Feb

Thank you Dr. Dominik Förschler for inviting me to contribute to your conference 2019 in Walldorf/Germany, jointly organized by SAP and your Audit Research Institute (

1 - Deckblatt

I view Internal Audit as an enabler of learning and change.

Thereby, Process Mining can be extremely helpful, especially in a familiar context, preferably with high transaction volume, the more homogeneous the better. Process Mining helps seeing what we do and recognizing what we see.

2- Let the data speak

In the world of VUCA, however, Process Mining has its limitations.

3- Three types of auditors

In the world of VUCA, the days of Jack-of-All-Trades (Know-it-all) in internal audit are counted. My mini-typology of internal auditors distinguishes three different types:

Type 1: Standing on the sidelines;

Type 2: Swimming in a calm pool;

Type 3: Swimming in the wild ocean.

To gain relevance, the internal audit profession needs more type 3 auditors, more pioneers and innovators. In the world of VUCA, checklists no longer help.


Do you agree?