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A ‘must read’ for every audit professional!

6 May

Lenz, R. (2016), Insights into the effectiveness of internal audit: a multi-method and multi-perspective study, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Saarbrücken, ISBN 978-3-659-85241-1


Amazon Kunde – 2 May 2016

A landmark book for audit professionals!

I was very impressed with Rainer’s book on Internal Audit effectiveness. Traditionally, this area is being circumvented by researchers as well as audit practitioners. The results of Rainer’s explorative work and empirical survey not only definitely contribute to clear insights in this ‘black box’, but also cater for sound improvements. A ‘must read’ for every audit professional!


Christopher Koch – 24 April 2016

Great inspiration for everyone interested in internal auditing!

This book by Rainer Lenz is an impressive piece of work. What impresses me most is the desire of Rainer to illuminate practical challenges in internal auditing through rigorous research. The main questions that he asks in this book are: What is the role of the internal audit function? How can the internal audit function be more effective? He does a great job in answering both questions by drawing from his practical experiences as an internal auditor but also by building upon his research skills acquired through joint work with Gerrit Sarens. A great source of inspiration for both practitioners and researchers in the field of internal auditing!


Boelerheide – 19 April 2016

Fantastic Book to understand the Effectiveness of IAFs

This work is great to understand the position of the IAF in an uncertain environment and to see the value of an effective IAF for the board and other stakeholders. The author created a great and understandable story and supports both sides, practitioners and scholars with new insights and perspectives. I can use the book for concrete questions or as an overview of possible effectiveness measures. Great work!


Tracie – 6 April 2016

How “soft factors” contribute to the success of your Internal Audit function

Rainer’s work points out that the effectiveness of Internal Audit is largely determined by “soft factors”. His insights contribute to our understanding of the relationships between the role of the audit function, communication skills, and a successful audit outcome. The value of this cannot be overstated given the highly challenging role that internal auditors undertake in today’s global environment.


Tim Leech – 6 March 2016

Challenging the Status Quo

Rainer’s paper provides much needed research on the top of how to assess the effectiveness of an internal audit function. A key problem has been customers of internal audit services have not invested much time considering how to assess whether the function is adding value commensurate with the cost of having an internal audit function. His paper raises real and valid concerns using existing IIA standards as a primary metric to assess effectiveness. It is a long read and rich with research and analysis. For those willing internal audit leaders and customers willing to invest the time it is well worth the investment cost.


Amazon Kunde – 4 March 2016

A perfect marriage between sound academic research and totally applicable sharp end practice

This highly structured and logical work addresses some real issues of fundamental importance to organisations in general and the Internal Audit (IA) profession in particular. I doubt there is a single Board Exec. or Non-Exec. or IA professional for whom aspects of “7. Discussions” and “8. Conclusion” will not resonate, either as affirmation or as inspiration to investigate the root causes and address issues they hitherto would not realise they had.