Guest lecture @ Mainz University in June

17 Apr

JGU Mainz

Theory & Practice of Internal Audit as part of Enterprise Risk Management

I look very much forward to this!


One Response to “Guest lecture @ Mainz University in June”

  1. drrainerlenz June 7, 2015 at 12:12 pm #

    Thank you Christopher for your nice feedback from June 4, 2015 on LinkedIn:

    Christopher Koch (Professor at the University of Mainz):
    I highly recommend Rainer as a visiting lecturer. In June 2015, I invited him to talk about his practical experiences and also his research insights to the students of my risk management class (M.Sc.). The students enjoyed his talk very much. Rainer illustrated the life of an internal auditor in a very engaging and truly inspiring manner. What the students enjoyed most was his vivid description of the main challenges that an internal audit department faces in establishing its role in an organization. Overall, his guest talk was a very rewarding experience for the students (and also for myself!). He fully accomplished the goal to get the students interested in and even excited about the work of an internal auditor.


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